HERS, LLC Heavy Equipment - StaffHeavy Equipment Rentals, established in 1999, is owned and operated by the Porter Family. For over 75 years, the Porter Family has been New Zealand’s premier earthmoving machinery sales and service provider, offering machine sales, rentals, parts, and transportation services for: construction, mining, and the rental industry.

Known officially as the Porter Group, they are recognized and respected as New Zealand’s largest and most progressive earthmoving firm. Today the Porter Group consists of eight major nationwide companies that trade worldwide. With a rental fleet in excess of 2500 units over 30 locations, the Porter Group is regarded as the largest independent rental company in the Southern Hemisphere.

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So, all of this history begs the question; “Why does a successful equipment company from New Zealand venture to the United State to set up shop?”

Well the answer is the same reason everyone from around the world has come to this nation over the past 230-plus years, and that is of course…opportunity. During a conversation with a friend back in the late 90’s, Arthur Porter (founder of The Porter Group) was told from an American friend that business was really booming in Southern California. The Porter Family had long had aspired to become more globally oriented, and almost immediately, Hayden Porter was on an airplane headed for Southern California to survey the supposed opportunity. It didn’t take Hayden Porter long to confirm the fact that Southern California was indeed a ripe territory for heavy equipment rentals.

Hayden soon returned to the states in 1999, and along with the blessings of his family, he began operations in Murrieta, California. The new company was appropriately named, Heavy Equipment Rentals, simple and to the point. Hayden would begin operations with just eight machines. Hayden made short work of making contacts wherever he could, as well as continuing to research the local contractor’s heavy equipment needs. By 2001, the growing company had 30 machines in its fleet which included: excavators, dozers, water trucks, motor graders, and compaction equipment.

Today, Heavy Equipment Rentals & Sales has more than 400 machines running the gamut from one cubic yard skip loaders to eighty ton excavators.